About The PetCot Company

Since 2001, The PetCot Company has served the pet care industry with superior products for dog and cat lovers everywhere. We are a leading supplier of elevated dog beds and accessories to home users, kennels and veterinary businesses throughout the world. Our innovative raised dog beds provide a healthier alternative to cloth beds, which become a haven for odor, dirt and pests. For both indoor and outdoor use, PetCot pet beds are durable, easy to clean and available in multiple colors and sizes to fit every breed and décor. They come fully assembled and are stackable, with replacement parts available.

Our expanded product line includes the Dry-as-a-Bone incontinent bed, as well as accessories such as fleece covers, orthopedic inserts, waterproof orthopedic pads, and other veterinary care products.

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Why Choose a PetCot?

Since 2001, The PetCot Company has been offering our premium raised dog beds to pet professionals, providing the most durable, comfortable, hygienic and easy-to-clean bed on the market. PetCot's dog beds are recommended by industry experts as the IDEAL bed for dogs. Professional Trainers, Veterinarians and the top animal rehab specialists, agree the PetCot is their bed of choice.