What People Are Saying About Our Elevated Pet Beds

Charly LOVES Her PetCot Raised Dog Bed!

After at least 10 different foam dog beds, I discovered PetCot and decided to give it a try. Charly is a finicky girl, so I thought she might not like it because she loved her "fluffy" beds. Boy was I wrong! Anytime she's laying down, it's on her PetCot raised dog bed ... she loves it!  AND I haven't had to clean up another chewed up foam bed since. She doesn't try to destroy her PetCot ... she just sleeps on it and it's a beautiful thing. I actually ordered a second one so we'd have one for her on each floor of the house! ~ Sandy Waggett (& Charly)


Sarge Loves His PetCot Raised Dog Bed!

Sarge was a bouncing, 30 pound baby boy when we got him from a rescue group…. and just 15 weeks old! Needless to say, he only got heavier and now at 15 months old, he is 100 pounds plus. I wanted a dog bed that would take the stress off of his joints but that he also couldn’t chew to smithereens! I also wanted something that wouldn’t put out a welcome mat for fleas. He does NOT chew it, he does NOT have fleas and after having his PetCot elevated for about 4 months now, it is holding up very well… and he sleeps like a baby on it! It is his throne!


With Her PetCot Raised Dog Bed, Delilah No Longer Eats Foam Beds

"I had spent months looking for a dog bed that Delilah, our Italian Spinone wouldn't eat. In addition to the children's swing, the garden gate, the kitchen table, she had tried all types of dog beds, fleece... yummy, foam....delicious and I don't even want to think what she would have done to a beanbag! In addition, she had spent the summer sunbathing outside and had developed calluses on her elbows. When I came across the PetCot Dog Bed I was so impressed I began to look into importing them to the UK. I don't need to tell you about them, you've read the website. Now Delilah has a new favourite place to be that is so light and strong it can be moved around without effort, from the kitchen, to outside, to the kennel and it is so strong the kids sometimes curl up with her. (Our five year old would like one for himself!) It will withstand the British weather and can be hosed down if she gets it muddy. It dries in minutes, even in freezing January temperatures. There's nowhere for fleas, bacteria or odour to develop and the biggest bonus of all is that she hasn't attempted to chew it. It's hygenic and there's no doggy smell in the kitchen. I know you'll be as impressed as I am and your pets even more so!" Leisha Stallard Stallard Associates

Our PetCot Dog Raised Dog Beds Still Look Brand New!

"I am writing to let you know how happy I am with my purchase of your PetCot Dog Beds. Our dogs are extremely important members of our family and their comfort is a concern we take seriously. With this in mind, we have built a special room for our dogs to play and sleep in. We wanted something for them to sleep on that was off the floor and your description caught my eye because one of our dogs has arthritis. Another advantage of your cot cover over the others I've seen is how easily it is cleaned. Believe me, with 4 dogs - these cots have already been cleaned many times and still look brand new! We have a Norwegian Elkhound, 2 Beagles, and a Shih Tzu and they all play very vigorously. They run over the tops of the cots but have not pulled any threads either! As the co-owner and vice president of an engineering company, I can appreciate a product that is well-made and reasonably priced.I heartily recommend your cots to anyone for the 4-legged members of their families. So do Pete, Luci, Monet, and Elinore! Thanks for a good quality product at a reasonable price." Carla Peelman

Other Raised Dog Beds Were Not Sturdy Enough to Hold My Dogs Weight

This is just a short testimonial to say that I really like your raised dog beds. I have two very large dogs (120lbs) and all the other elevated dog beds have not been sturdy enough to hold their weight. The pet cot is holding up wonderfully.

I also like it because it does not develop the "doggy odor" sometime associated with other dog beds. I can easily vacuum the dog hair off, and they are easy to wash. D. Lang

So Impressed with Raised These Dog Beds, I Ordered More!

"My husband and I decided to buy one PetCot to see how our dogs would like it. I was also attracted to the sizes because we have a small house. The day our PetCot arrived, we put it in the kitchen to see how our golden retriever and border collie would react to it. With no help from us, Micah, our golden retriever, was lying on it. Then Anna, our border collie, was lying on the PetCot. I was so impressed, I called and ordered more PetCots for outside and inside." Carole & Jim Ball Winston-Salem Martinez, CA. Sargeant (AKA. Sarge)

I Love That This Raised Dog Bed is Light Weight

"As a dog trainer my PetCot is a tool I can't live without. I train my dogs to "climb" on the cot and they know they can't get off until I release them. This comes in handy when I'm at a dog show, when I have guests over, or they just need a time out. I love that it's light weight, so taking it everywhere is not a problem. And all I have to do to clean it, is hose it off. Lastly the PetCot is extremely durable." Niki Henzl

This Raised Dog Bed is the Best Purchase I've Made

"For several years I have taught all of my dogs the skill of staying on a bed. I began using quilt-type beds but have found that a PetCot is easier to teach with due to the fact it being raised off of the floor. I taught my youngest Golden Retriever, Darwin, to stay on a bed from day one on the PetCot. He learned faster than prior dogs I had taught because it was so clear to him when he was on the bed or off. I have two Golden Retrievers and a Border Collie and they all prefer to lay on their PetCot rather than just generally on the floor. When I come in from dog training or having just been outside with them as soon as they enter the house they run to their PetCot and jump on, settling in and getting comfortable. Many of my friends have seen my dogs stay on their beds whenever someone comes over, the doorbell rings, someone walks in or outside and yet they know to stay on their PetCot. I have taught many of their dogs to do the same thing in their own home. I cannot imagine life in the Naylor household of three dogs without them knowing how to stay on a PetCot. I think it is the best purchase of dog equipment I have spent money on. Recently the Golden Retriever Club I am a member of and teach for has incorporated the using of beds into our training classes and we purchased from the PetCot Company." Carla W. Naylor Edmond, OK Member of Central Oklahoma Golden Retriever Club

These Raised Dog Beds are Perfect for Our Kennel

Dear Greg @ Petcot, I just wanted to let you know how superior I feel the Petcot beds are in our kennel. For a very long time we used a PVC with canvas dog cot and as a fluke we purchased one of your Petcots and the difference was immediate! For starters I love that they arrive all assembled and ready to use. They are a breeze to wash and they dry really quickly, but the real advantages over my PVC beds are the legs don't fall apart, they last 3-4 times longer than the other beds and if a dog urinates on it, the urine dose not lay in a pool on top of the bed like on the canvas beds. We have had your Petcots for several years now and I will never have another bed in my kennel. Also my top winning specials dog dose not get his hair rubbed off on his elbows! Thank you for a great product. Kristen Gallagher Topa Pointers / Signature Bloodstock

Why Choose a PetCot?

Since 2001, The PetCot Company has been offering our premium raised dog beds to pet professionals, providing the most durable, comfortable, hygienic and easy-to-clean bed on the market. PetCot's dog beds are recommended by industry experts as the IDEAL bed for dogs. Professional Trainers, Veterinarians and the top animal rehab specialists, agree the PetCot is their bed of choice.