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Replacement covers for dog beds - Original Petcot

Replacement covers for dog beds - Original Petcot


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Replacement Covers - Original Petcot (All Sizes)
The PetCot is one of the most durable, supportive pet beds on the market. But we also understand that some pets are determined to make anything a "meal"!

Most pet beds when destroyed have to be thrown away. But The PetCot Company realizes you do not want to have the expense or the hassle of replacing a favorite bed when a pet decides to chew.

We offer replacement parts for the PetCot to our customers who have purchased from us in the past. Just replace the part of your raised dog bed - not the whole bed! We also offer a 35 oz. vinyl for those dogs that could eat a bus!

Available in the following sizes:
  • Small: 22" x 22"
  • Medium: 39" x 22"
  • Large: 39" x 28"
  • Extra-Large: 46" x 30"

Available in the following colors:

  • Navy Blue
  • Golden Brown Tweed
  • Hunter Green
  • Light Paw Print 
  • Dark Paw Print 
  • Blue Vinyl
  • Black Vinyl

(Orders typically take 5-7 business days before shipping)

We have replacement cot corners too!

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