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Ruff 'n Tumble Pads - Crate Pad

Ruff 'n Tumble Pads - Crate Pad


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Dog Crate pads

The Crate Pad is made of a durable vinyl-coated polyester fabric. The cover consists of a 22 oz. vinyl material that is heat-welded to ensure the bed is waterproof. Pads that are sewn allow water to penetrate the fabric and foam insert.

The pad is constructed with orthopedic foam to allow for optimum comfort, as well as durability. It is easy to clean, fast drying and UV resistant, making it a perfect choice for indoors or out. The pad is approximately 1 inch thick.

Crate pads are a great way to make your dog’s crate more comfortable and inviting. They work as a padded floor for your dog to sleep on that is comfortable and waterproof.

Our crate pads use industrial strength vinyl around closed-cell foam, making our pads durable and pet-safe. Ruff ‘n Tumble Crate Pads are perfect for any pet owners who want to keep their pets' crates tidy and comfortable.

This pad is great used by itself or in crates and cages.

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PetCot Kennel Cage Pad Testimonial

"WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!!! The look amazing in the clinic. I use them in my own home for my 5 english bulldogs and they are the best mats I have ever found!"
~ Jami Turchi, Practive Manager
Veterinary Eye Institute, PLLC

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