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V-Pad | Ruff'n Tumble

V-Pad | Ruff'n Tumble


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V-Pad: 18" x 48"


120-Day Warranty: Rest easy with our warranty, which guarantees protection against significant tearing or damage for 120 days on your Surgery Table Pad

Introducing our Ruff'n Tumble V-Pad:

Elevate the well-being of your furry patients and streamline your veterinary practice with our versatile V-Pad. This innovative pad is designed with both comfort and convenience in mind, making it an essential addition to your surgical procedures.

Thermal Insulation:
Bid farewell to the discomfort of cold metal surfaces. Our Ruff'n Tumble V-Pad creates a thermally insulating barrier, ensuring that your pets remain snug and cozy during procedures.

Orthopedic Comfort:
We recognize the importance of post-operative comfort. That’s why we’ve integrated orthopedic cushioning within the foam core of this pad, delivering superior support and relief to your patients.

Flexible “V” Configuration:
Our V-Pad moves with your V-Top table to whatever angle you want it. This adaptability guarantees a secure and comfortable position for your patients, regardless of whether you need a wide or narrow “V” angle, making it ideal for various surgical needs.

Fully Waterproof with Heat Welding:
Our pad is not only comfortable but also fully waterproof, thanks to heat welded seams. This feature ensures that any fluids or spills are easily repelled, protecting both the pad and the underlying table.

Less Laundry, More Efficiency:
Designed with the busy veterinarian in mind, our pad is a breeze to clean, significantly reducing the need for frequent laundering. This not only saves you time but also enhances the overall efficiency of your practice.

Built to Last:
Constructed from high-quality materials, our pad is built to withstand the demands of a veterinary environment. It’s not only comfortable but also incredibly durable, ensuring it remains a reliable choice.
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